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Our staff provides the knowledge to syndicate entertainment in Asia and North America.

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As it has had with Politics and Finance, Asia now is having an increasingly prominent influence on Global Entertainment. Big Movies Have Inspired: "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon," "Life of Pi," "Slumdog Millionaire," etc. Actors and Athletes from the region are in more prominent roles in Western entertainment and sports. Yet, the West has really just begun to discover all that Asia has to offer in terms of entertainment.
We create and build valuable "on-air" Entertainment Blocks across Asia and the united states working closely with our clients and affiliates.
We are a Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore based Independent Production company.
Founded in 2010, We Make Multi-platform Content for Television, Music, Digital platforms accross the US and Asia.
Create Asian-inspired content in English for global distribution and Build Valuable "on-air" Entertainment Blocks across Asia.

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Record breaking All girl, multinational Pop Band
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Project Lotus
Asia's premeire talent search
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Asia's Pop 40
Top 40
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Integrated PR
We work closely with Integrated PR on Public Relations in Los Angeles
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Blush - Warrior
Released 2013.
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Blush - All Stars
Released 2011.
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Blush - Undivided
Released 2012
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Blush - Single Featuring Snoop Dogg
Released 2011
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